2008-05-04 12:08:45 by Krykos

My good friend, Xennethy, has been making me a music video on and off for well over a year now for my song Stratosphere. As he neared completion, I felt that I needed to redo the song entirely in order to make it sound much better, and I had to start it from scratch as I had lost the original file.

Anyway, the final result of the music video is available to watch here.

The song is available to download from my Soundclick page. Sorry if you wanted it for free, but I need funding. =/

If you want it badly enough for free, I might upload a lo-fi quality version on the Audio portal.


EDIT: Holy shit, it was front paged. If Xen wasn't away this week, then I'm sure he'd be thrilled. Thanks Tom. =D


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2008-05-06 09:04:37

Hey, congratulations man! :)