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2007-07-18 09:50:31 by Krykos

Ah, British Summer. Two and a half months of no school, and rain in between the rare bursts of sunshine. Like anyone else, I've been looking forward to it since last September when the school year began, but now that I'm on it, I haven't a clue how the hell I'm gonna spend my time.

I could like last Summer, and the Summer before that, try to learn how to use Flash. But history has told me that sitting on a PC and looking for Internet tutorials are 1. likely to make me procrastinate, and 2. make me frustrated as I can't find what I'm looking for, or that the tutorial is just plain crap.

I could get a job, but most of the positions that I'm looking for have already been filled, aka all games/electronics stores. It's not that I'm fussy when it comes to a job, it's just I don't want to lower myself to working in McDonalds or Tesco's. And also, some places like HMV want people 18+, which is a bit unfair seeing as I'll be that age in late September.

Going out with friends is an obvious choice, and it would be great to do so every day. But, going to school in a different county means that almost all of your friends live there. So in order to get there, I'd need a couple of pounds for bus money cos I haven't taken my practical driving test, and I doubt my parents would give me money for bus fare every day, and would want me to get a job, which I can't fucking find. Oh yeh, and most of the people who live in my area and go to my school I find to be pricks anyway.

So I reckon overall, this Summer is going to be inevitable. Being at home most days, taking opportunities as they come, waiting for the day when I actually take my driving test. Hopefully, I'll pass and be able to get around by myself. But unless something interesting pops up soon (i.e. not TV, Wii, DS, PC, guitar or Harry Potter), I hate to say it, I'd rather be at school.


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2007-07-25 07:22:27

You have a cool Userpage :P