Album Update

2007-11-09 16:59:04 by Krykos

So, since last time I posted on my own page, I bought some new speakers, and re-arranged my desk to make it easier for me to do my music. So I have a rudimentary but effective home studio, and I'm trying to learn the best methods for recording instruments like electric guitar and so forth.

So, now that I've improved the way I work with my program a lot, I think that I'll be re-recording my better songs on, and then adding many new ones. Problem here lies with the fact that I've been very eclectic with the songs I produce, and so the album might not be that coherent. Eg, I started off experimental, and now I've become more synthpop-y.

So far I have:
2 songs which I'm happy with
3 songs which I have music for, but I need to write and record lyrics
3 previously written songs which need re-recording or altering to make them sound fab
3 songs in the works
2 song ideas that I'm gonna develop

I'm pretty sure if I finish all this, I'd have enough songs to make an album. It would just end up being a weird mix of happy synthpop for one song, and a dark dance track on another. So, I guess that if I can't make the track listing work, I'll need to do more songs. And given my work rate, that could be ages.


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