2008-02-15 04:39:17 by Krykos

Well, this past week has been a slowly inflating blast due to nothing to do. I've been on half term, and instead of getting a bit of work done, I've ended up procrastinating and leaving it to the last minute, AGAIN.

Music-wise, I've bought a Kaoss pad, which I hope to use with my guitar to fucker the sound of the guitar up. Nothing like making instruments not sound like how they're supposed to. Also, I've come up with a couple of chord sequences on piano, and a couple of guitar riffs as well.

To change the subject, before half term, me and a couple of friends were thinking of getting a webcomic going as well, and I've been playing around on Adobe Fireworks and my graphics tablet trying to work out the best ways to get the colouring/outlines/etc done.

The picture below is one of my tests:



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2008-02-16 16:35:57