Merry fucking Christmas!

2007-12-20 06:51:54 by Krykos

Holy shit, the year goes fast. I can still vividly remember the huge disappointment that last Christmas was, but the increased number of presents underneath the tree this year should stop that from recurring (yes, I am materialistic).

So at the time of writing, there's 5 days left until I can finally unwrap presents, have the much-loved Christmas dinner, and try and find something good on TV which isn't the Snowman or the Queen's speech. To give things a fresh twist, this will be the first Christmas without my parents as they've flown over to Cyprus to furnish our holiday home over there. So it's just me and my two older siblings by ourselves alone over the Christmas period, where all three of us can drive and are legally old enough to buy alcohol. What can possibly go wrong?

So if for some reason you happen to be reading this, which I doubt as I'm not a well known user, I hope you have an average Christmas (or Winter Solstice for all you Pagans), and let's just hope you don't get food poisoning from the turkey.


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2007-12-20 07:39:06



2007-12-20 09:58:37

Well, many things could go wrong. But that's the fun of it.

Hope you have a merry Christmas too.

Krykos responds:

I say "What can go wrong?" tongue-in-cheek of course.

-Have a good one.


2007-12-20 16:48:33

Ha ha, queens speech.